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Hi All,

Welcome the my first blog. I have been educating myself on value investing the past few years, and hopefully this blog will be a good way to receive feedback on my thinking process and stock valuing skills. My goal is to create a write-up for every buy and sell decision I make, forcing me to create a solid and logical argument for everything I do.

The name of the blog has been loosely inspired by the name of the blog of a friend of mine, that runs the successful astrokraai.nl blog about amateur astrophotography. Kraai is Dutch for crow, but besides the alleged liking of shiny objects a crow has no place in the stock market. The vulture on the other hand is a scavenger that feeds himself with remains left behind by the big predators, and that’s partly how I see myself in the market place. I have to look for alpha in spots where the big boys don’t bother looking, hence the name Alpha Vulture. If you have a good idea to translate this to a catchy catchphrase I’m listening, because “Just another WordPress site” obviously sucks.

Hope you enjoy the site, and if you want to keep track of my postings you can use the RSS link at the right side of the page.

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