Two year blogging anniversary!

Just two years ago the first post on this blog saw the light of day, and when I see new and promising blogs disappearing all around me that seems to be an accomplishment in itself. It’s not something I fully understand since starting this blog might have been my best investment decision so far. The process of writing down a stock thesis in a coherent story forces me to think about all angles, and making it public is just a small additional step with big benefits thanks to you, my readers! It creates accountability, and I have received plenty of valuable feedback, new insights and promising idea’s. Cheers to my readers!


19 thoughts on “Two year blogging anniversary!

  1. KD

    Keep up the good work!

    Coincidentally I started my value investing blog last night. Hope we’ll have many anniversaries going forward 🙂

  2. Mackie

    Congrats! Couldn’t agree more that starting an investing blog is one of the best ways to improve your thought process and look at a thesis from all angles. Looking forward to the next two!


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