Updated the FFP spreadsheet

I updated the spreadsheet that tracks FFP’s NAV discount to include the results of the latest annual report and to reflect the partial sale of the Zodiac stake in the beginning of this year. The spreadsheet updates automatically all share prices and the current discount, and is publicly accessible on Google Drive using this link. As is visible FFP’s NAV discount is basically unchanged at 47% since I initiated my position a half year ago:



Author is long FFP.PA

4 thoughts on “Updated the FFP spreadsheet

  1. Martin

    Thank you. This spreadsheet is nice.
    Do you know if there is a possibility to set an alert if discount widens to say 50%? Something like “if(F35>0.50, send email)”

  2. WB

    Where did you get the number of shares from or did you reverse calculate it from the % they hold times the market cap?


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