Exited Magix AG

I exited my position in Magix today. I don’t think it’s a great idea to remain a shareholder. Not necessarily because the outlook of no liquidity is a problem, but because I think the delisting might be the first step in trying to screw minority shareholders. Since my position is pretty small I’m not in a good position to defend my rights, especially as a foreign stockholder. With the share price recovering a bit the past days I thought this was good moment to exit. Despite the huge drop in share price past week I actually made a little bit of money on this investment. Doesn’t mean that I’m happy about this result though…


No position in Magix AG anymore

2 thoughts on “Exited Magix AG

  1. Martin

    If you need help with German filings, don’t hesitate to contact me. But imho even as a domestic German shareholder you would be in weak position. This could take years before squeeze out and the legal position of minorities has been deterioritating due to court rulings.[no position]


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