Eriksen Capital starts proxy fight at Solitron

I exited my Solitron stake almost a year ago, mainly because of the poor corporate governance at the company coupled with my anticipation that nothing would happen anytime soon. Luckily it appears that things might change for the better sooner than expected. Eriksen Capital Management filed a preliminary proxy statement today in which, among other things, Tim Eriksen tries to get himself elected to the board and to declassifying the board structure.

While I don’t have a position in Solitron anymore I think these changes would be great for the company, and I would urge current Solitron shareholders to support these proposals when the time comes at the annual general meeting. In the meantime, this thread at the CoBF message board should provide plenty of background on why change is absolutely needed.


No position in Solitron

One thought on “Eriksen Capital starts proxy fight at Solitron

  1. anonymous

    SFXE is going private. Are u buying any SFXE?

    Are thoughts on the relative opportunity of the Altera transaction vs. mcgc?


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