Elliott Associates completes tender offers for QFAL and QFID

Elliott Associates announced today that it would accept all shares that were tendered in the offers launched for Fondo Alpha and Immobiliare Dinamico, despite getting less than 50% of the outstanding shares of the two fonds. The tender offer for Fondo Alpha was the biggest success, and Elliott Associates managed to acquire 24.8% of the outstanding shares for a total consideration of €33.5 million. In the Immobiliare Dinamico offer just 2.5% of the outstanding shares were tendered for a total value of €2.8 million, but together with open market purchases they managed to get a total stake of 4.9%. In the offer for the Polis fund that closed a month earlier they acquired 16% of the outstanding shares. I didn’t sell my shares in the offer, and based on today’s market reaction that seems to have been a good choice. Fondo Alpha is now trading 3% above Elliott’s offer while Immobiliare Dinamico is trading 0.2% above the offer.

Promotional material from the Fondo Alpha offer


Author is long QFAL.MI and QFID.MI

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