Fortune Industries merger completed

Fortune Industries logoAt the end of September I wrote about Fortune Industries (PINK:FDVF) as a simple low-risk merger that should be completed at the end of November or the beginning of December. The deal was completed even a bit faster than expected, and today after the market close the cash hit my account. I bought the stock at $0.5572/share in September and received $0.586/share today which represents a return of 5.2% (more than 40% annualized). This is the kind of merger arbitrage I wish there were more of: simple, low-risk, fast and with a nice spread. Perhaps it could even be that a deal like this is better than for example Kahala or Glacier Water.


Author no longer has a position in Fortune Industries

4 thoughts on “Fortune Industries merger completed

  1. Rosh

    Thank you for the idea. It was almost a perfect deal. The almost part is due to the low liquidity – it was not easy to buy the shares and I got fewer than I wanted. Apart from simple, low-risk, fast, and with a nice spread, I would add decent liquidity to the wish list – just in case Santa Claus will be reading this :).


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