Five year blogging anniversary!

Exactly five years ago I started this blog, an eternity in the blogging world. I follow dozens and dozens of value investing blogs, but most of them disappear just as fast as they appear. I guess everybody has different goals and expectations when they start a blog. My main goal of starting a blog was to become a better investor. I thought that writing down why I make buy/sell decisions would force me to act more rational because I know that my reasons will be scrutinized by my readers. Writing something down while knowing that people will read it is useful in itself, but getting actual feedback is also quite valuable. I have changed my mind more than once on an investment thanks to readers knowing more than me.

A bit more unexpected is that I found the blog also a great tool to generate new ideas. A lot of the ideas that have been published on this blog have originated from like-minded readers that wanted my input on a certain idea, or were just happy to give a good idea as a sign of appreciation. So keep those idea’s coming, and I’ll continue blogging for another five years!


48 thoughts on “Five year blogging anniversary!

  1. Sam

    Congrats. Thank you for all that you do. I often find ideas in your blog that I see mentioned nowhere else which is very rare in the bloggosphere.

  2. Rosh

    Indeed one of the best blogs. What I especially like is the clarity of your writing: good quality, simple and down to the point. Thanks for making the effort.

  3. Teemu

    Congratulations! Your blog is great, I’ve learned about investment opportunities from you and read good discussions.

    I now live in Hilversum. Maybe we could meet one of these days.


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