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Tejoori liquidation finally finished

Last year Tejoori announced that it would liquidate. With the stock trading around $0.50/share while I estimated a NAV/share around $0.62/share I thought it was a good bet. In the end that estimate proved a tiny bit too optimistic since I got paid $0.59892/share, but I guess an unfavorable currency exchange rate is partly to blame. The liquidation distribution was paid in United Arab Emirates Dirham, and I have seen other shareholders reporting receiving a slightly higher payout in US dollars. But I’m happy to have gotten my money…

Because the company cancelled their electronic trading facility before making the liquidation distribution receiving the liquidation payout was a bit of a messy process. The depository that my broker used to keep my shares had to communicate with the liquidators in the British Virgin Islands to make sure that the money got transferred manually from Abu Dhabi to their bank account. Since that’s probably a very exceptional thing to happen, I can see how that can go wrong somewhere along the lines if someone, somewhere doesn’t fill-in the right paperwork. I like deals like this where you can’t be totally sure that everything will work out because of the paperwork, although in this case it sucked that you couldn’t do anything about that yourself. But it’s a risk that is totally uncorrelated with the market, and although at some point I will probably participate in something that will not workout, I think that as long as you get paid a big spread the overall end-result will be more than satisfactory. This one certainly was!


No position in Tejoori anymore

New York REIT declares $4.85 liquidation distribution

Yesterday the New York REIT declared a $4.85 liquidation distribution. The liquidation of the company is progressing as planned and the only two assets remaining are the Viceroy Hotel and the WWP building. They are planning to sell the hotel later this year while they will hold on to the WWP building for the next couple of years while it’s being renovated and upgraded. In connection with the successfully completed sales NYRT also paid down all their mortgage debt, and their balance sheet, pro-forma for the $4.85 dividend, is now looking as follows:

Pro-forma NYRT balance sheet, based on latest 10-K and adjusted for all dividends and sales after year-end

After the $4.85 liquidation distribution is paid, there still is approximately $1.74/share in cash left, and the sale of the Viceroy Hotel later this year might fetch around $4/share. But it’s clear that what really matters is the value of the WWP building. The building itself, listed as “investment in JV” on the balance sheet is by far the biggest piece of the pie, and additionally, the restricted cash is all earmarked to be spend on upgrading the building as well.


Author is long NYRT