Sky Solar tender offer successfully completed

Two months ago I described Sky Solar as one of the hairiest stocks I bought in recent times, and it quickly turned into a roller coaster ride that did not disappoint. Even though it was somewhat expected, Hudson Capital tried its best to derail the deal, and managed to get a court order in the Cayman Islands to freeze assets of Sky Solar. The market didn’t take this development very well, and the price plummeted from almost $6/share (the merger price) to a low of $2.74 in the course of the next two weeks. I wish I could say that I bought a truckload of shares at the bottom, but I did not. Not all my trading was terrible though. When the company announced a few days later that the court order in the Cayman Islands was completely discharged I managed to snap up a couple of shares at a great price.

Today Sky Solar announced that the tender offer was successfully completed, realizing a return of 15.4% in two months time (not counting the shares I bought halfway at much lower prices). The cash has not yet hit my account, but that should happen in the next few days. For those who didn’t tender, the story is not yet over. Because of ongoing litigation from Hudson Capital, the merger to squeeze out the remaining shareholders cannot be effectuated. No big deal, because for some reason the stock is now actually trading slightly above the merger price.


Author is technically still long SKYS

4 thoughts on “Sky Solar tender offer successfully completed

  1. Dave

    Great call on Sky Solar. I enjoy reading your blog posts.

    How do you generate your idea pipeline for merger arb and other special sits? Are there specific websites / blogs you can recommend?


  2. Aharon

    This was too hairy for me (mainly because getting my own comfort level with it would have taken more time than I felt like allocating), but I did think that people who bought would likely do very well on it (ah! The famed “gut feeling”!), and am glad to see that they did. Was disappointed to see some people casting aspersions when there were some (expected) roadblocks; I really appreciate your insights on here and what I’ve seen of your methodology.

    1. Alpha Vulture Post author

      Thanks for the kind words, and totally understand how you didn’t buy this. If I would have read this one some other blog, I would probably have been in your shoes as well. I was lucky that I was already following the company a bit and was considering investing before (which I didn’t do, unfortunately!).


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