Feedburner is discontinuing email subscriptions

For the followers of the blog that keep track of new posts using the email subscription feature I have bad news. The email updates are powered by Google Feedburner, and Google has decided to put this product in maintenance mode which means that only core functionally will remain operational. As you might have guessed by now, email updates are not a core feature and somewhere next month Google will discontinue email subscriptions. If you want to keep track of new posts you can use the RSS-feed and subscribe in a tool like Feedly (I personally think this is a great way to keep track of various blogs), or follow me on Twitter (but easy to miss a link to a new post between all the other content that gets posted daily). Or you can just take the old fashioned route, and visit the alphavulture.com once in a while to see what’s new.

4 thoughts on “Feedburner is discontinuing email subscriptions

  1. Jaap

    I’m subscribed using blogtrottr.com with the RSS feed, can recommend them to anyone. Free and easy to use. (And I’m not affiliated 🙂

    1. BroOnStocks

      Full agreement here. Blogtrottr.com is also useful for tracking EDGAR filings.
      Not technically affiliated but feel I should be considering how much value I get from their free product.

  2. Tom


    When I try and subscribe via blogtrottr.com the only options that come up for Alpha Vulture connect through Feedburner and will be discontinued. How do you connect without using Feedburner?




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