About Me

I’m a former professional poker player and now full-time value investor. Poker is about razor-thin edges and quick paced action, while the time horizon for most of my investments should be measured in years or more. But there is a common denominator: both activities favor those who work hard and have the analytic abilities to bet when the odds are attractive without getting emotionally involved.

The first book on investing I read a few years back was The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham and I have been convinced since that value investing is the right mindset to approach investing. I try to keep an open mind with regards to investment decisions, and be cognisant of the behavioral biases that are present in all of us. The most important thing I try to focus on is having a margin of safety in my investments and be conservative in making assumptions. The second point on my list is the management, their track-record and incentives. Buying for example assets for the proverbial fifty cents on the dollar is not going to do you any good if the party in control of the assets doesn’t have the competence or intention to realize that value.

I always try to be open for criticism and alternative viewpoints, and hopefully I’ll be able to receive plenty of both through this blog. I’m still learning and always happy to receive feedback or talk about potential investments. You can contact me here.