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My pick for 2013

Since it looks like we survived the predicted apocalypse it’s time to look forward, and figure out what to buy to get rich in 2013. Some of my fellow bloggers already published a few lists with boring, well capitalized and undervalued stocks that could perform well next year. But we all know that that’s not going to cut it if you want to make serious money. To hit it big you need to be investing in the next hot thing, and what’s hotter than nanotechnology?!?!

This is where Nano Labs (CTLE) enters the picture, to quote their latest 10Q:

The Company is pursuing opportunities for global market leadership in the field of nanotechnology, a sector with the prospect of $2.6 trillion in global revenues – representing 15 per cent of all projected global manufacturing – by 2014.

With a current market cap of $165 million CTLE is the steal of the century. The mobile handset market is smaller than a TRILLION dollars (added some emphasis to make it clear just how big that number is), and we all know how valuable Apple is! A quick look at the balance sheet illustrates the tremendous opportunity available:

Nano Labs Corp balance sheet

The company has literally zero assets: so it’s all upside from here! The income statement shows an equally promising picture with zero revenues. How the company will be able to develop the next generation of technology without any assets is a question that remains to be answered, but only a naysayer would focus on those trivial details. Nano Labs obviously doesn’t foresee any problems given the roadmap we can find in the latest 10Q:

Nano Labs roadmapLooks like a plan that can’t fail. With such a tight schedule I image that I’m rich in time for the summer holidays so I can finally buy my own tropical island (surprisingly affordable: for a half million USD you got your own little island). Or maybe I should start with a zombie proof house: better safe than sorry. Or an even better plan: simply do both!


No position. If you are stupid enough to buy this BS you deserve to lose your money.